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Planning & Performance Management

Managing a successful organization requires more than just execution of standard financial processes like reporting and planning. Successful companies have efficient and integrated Planning and Performance Management processes that provide value, thoughtful analysis, insight into their business and a tangible link to their strategy. High-performing organizations understand the importance of leveraging technology to facilitate these key processes. It allows their valuable resources to focus on value-added activities and minimize inefficiencies.

Canrock Solutions specializes in leveraging technology such as IBM Cognos TM1 to improve and facilitate Planning and Performance Management processes for the Office of Finance including:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Annual Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Strategic or Long-Term Planning
  • Financial Consolidation
  • Dashboarding and Scorecarding

Canrock’s expert professional services team have both the Finance and Technical knowledge to bridge technology with finance, improve these key processes and help their customers become high-performing and leading-edge organizations. Canrock Solutions provides a full range of services related to Planning and Performance Management solutions including:

Management Consulting

At Canrock, our team is made up of highly qualified consultants, not just ‘developers’, which have the skills to guide our clients through their planning and performance management journeys. We realize that a lot of thought and work needs to be done before proceeding with implementing any software, and we have the expertise to assist our clients with these activities. Some of these high-value activities that we assist our clients with include:

  • Planning and Performance Management roadmaps, best practices and optimization advisory services
  • Planning and Performance Management software analysis and selection
  • Planning and Performance Management process and requirements review and definition
  • Program and project management, support and execution

Software Implementation Services

The Canrock team’s blend of Finance/Accounting knowledge and deep technical skills makes them uniquely positioned to be the leaders in implementing Planning and Performance Management software solutions. We focus on leveraging IBM Cognos TM1, Express, Cognos 10 and the Cognos Business Analytics suite of software to implement our solutions. Our team is also experienced in other OLAP and Performance Management applications such as Microsoft SQL Analysis Services and Oracle Hyperion Essbase which allow us to always make the best technology recommendations to our clients in order for them to succeed. Canrock Solutions leverages its proven Approach and innovative solution design and implementation techniques to consistently deliver successful solutions to their clients.


A Planning and Performance Management solution is only beneficial to our clients if their team is able to maintain and continuously improve it over time. At Canrock, training our clients so that they become self-sufficient in using their solution efficiently and effectively is of paramount importance. We will work with our clients to recommend the suitable IBM Cognos training offerings, and provide custom training materials such as end-user documentation, customized video modules, knowledge transfer workshops, etc., in order to maximize client self-sufficiency and preserve knowledge of the solution within the organization.


Although successfully ‘going-live’ with our solution is one of our ultimate goals, the work is not done after this milestone. Canrock Solutions will provide the necessary post-implementation support to our clients to ensure that they are successfully operating the solution.

Pre-defined Service Solutions

Canrock Solutions also offers some pre-defined service solutions packaged around a very specific scope of work. These solutions leverage our knowledge and experience from repeated execution and delivery to several of our clients. These solutions include:

  • Expert Assessments

Are you having issues with your current IBM Cognos TM1 solution? Canrock’s highly qualified Solution Architects will review, diagnose and provide recommendations on how to fix your application and help you transform your software into the Planning and Performance Management solution that you thought you were investing in!

  • Toolkit conversion

The Canrock TM1 Toolkit™ is a comprehensive solution that enhances Planning and Performance Management applications based on the IBM Cognos TM1 and Express technology. If you have already implemented TM1 or Express, and are not reaping the benefits that you had expected, the Canrock TM1 Toolkit™ will help simplify your existing TM1 models, reduce maintenance, increase self-sufficiency and allow you to better meet the demands of your business.

  • IBM Cognos Planning migration to TM1

The Canrock team has extensive experience with both the IBM Cognos Planning and TM1 technologies, and nobody is better equipped to help you with your migration than us. IBM Cognos TM1 has many benefits over Enterprise Planning and Canrock Solutions can help you realize them through a smooth migration.

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