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TM1 – Cognos 10 BI Integration: Know your MUNs!

Being a Cognos solutions architect, I take special interest in the integration between products. Every TM1 planning or forecasting implementation I did required some degree of reporting. When Cognos BI was involved, solution demanded tight integration between TM1 and Cognos BI components. Unfortunately, this remains a fairly unexplored area with many questions still to be answered.

One of the key objectives that I pursue when integrating products is to minimize maintenance. Today, I will explore the impact of the TM1 dimension changes on the sustainability of Cognos BI Report Studio reports. Concept of Member Unique Name (MUN) is crucial to understanding the subject of this post.

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TM1 Dynamic Subsets: Benefits and Performance

Dynamic subsets allow TM1 modelers to create a collection of dimension elements based on the following criteria:

• Dimension hierarchy (element relationships)
• Element name patterns
• Element attribute values
• Cube data values

TM1 Dynamic Subsets are a great way to minimize application maintenance. Dynamic subsets definition is expressed using MDX language and is stored with the subset. Subset expression is evaluated when subset is referenced by the TM1 server.

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Cognos BI – TM1 Security Integration

One of our clients recently needed security integration between Cognos 10 and TM1 9.5.1. I did some research and quickly realized that it is not a very straightforward issue.

I worked with IBM Cognos support and did some of my own tests to confirm the most appropriate approach in order to overcome these limitations.

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TM1 Time Dimension Design Approaches

Every TM1 implementation involves designing a Time dimension. In this post I wanted to summarize different criteria that can be used when selecting an approach for a specific application.

There are many design options that a TM1 modeller can choose from; however there are two main known approaches to the time dimension design: “discrete” and “continuous”. Both methods are valid and have their pros and cons.

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