Our Mission

Expertise. Innovation. Quality.
These are the three guiding principles of Canrock Solutions, a leading Planning and Performance Management service provider. We leverage powerful IBM Cognos TM1 and Business Analytics technology to deliver Reporting, Budgeting, and Forecasting solutions that simply work.

Our Track Record

If you have a high stakes Planning or Performance Management project and cannot afford to fail, then look no further than Canrock Solutions. We encourage you to go through our client list, success stories or even talk to our customers directly to see for yourself – Canrock Solutions are The Planning and Performance Management Experts and we have a track record of success.

Our Secret

Simply stated, there are no compromises in our extremely challenging hiring process. We only hire the best resources that are experts with a proven track record. The secret sounds obvious but in the consulting industry, it’s very common to associate marketing expertise and size of a firm with your chances of success. We urge you not to fall into this trap and be left with impressive proposals that are followed with a poor solution implemented by inexperienced consultants. Too often, we find ourselves reviewing and overhauling such solutions for well-meaning but misled customers. If you can narrow your evaluation to the actual implementation resources, you’ve just mastered the art of selecting the right consulting partner for a critical project. If your project is important to you, we urge you to interview our experts on any relevant technical, financial or performance management process topic and experience the difference yourself.

In addition to working with top experts in the field, we continually invest in innovation so that you can benefit from quicker implementations, self-sufficiency and overall lower cost of ownership. Be sure to read about our valuable proprietary Canrock TM1 Toolkit™.

We serve customers across Canada and the US ranging from mid-market to Fortune 150 companies. Please contact our experts now and take the most crucial step towards success.

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