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Performance Management – Healthcare

Solution For Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

Key Performance Management Processes Enabled

  • Annual Budget
  • Rolling Forecast
  • Long Term Plan
  • Variance Analysis
  • Management Reporting

Key Considerations

Our solution can provide significant value if your Current System:

  • Relies heavily on Excel or similar desktop tools.
  • Involves high manual effort, is prone to error and limits information visibility across the organization.
  • Is not driver based and not flexible enough to accommodate changes, e.g. new patient based funding model.
  • Is outdated, has been outgrown and no longer meets the information needs.
  • Is outsourced, not always accessible, and you do not have full control over it.

Why this solution?

Unlike other solutions in the market, Canrock’s solution includes all of the following:

  • Prebuilt and easily customizable hospital planning logic.
  • Supports Ministry of Health (MOH) Chart of Accounts.
  • Supports various data sources: relational databases, text files, Meditech and other hospital ERPs using best data architecture practices such as intermediary Datamart layer.
  • Fast performance: Individual department users experience real time response. Less than 2 minutes to recalculate entire hospital forecast (proven for over 600 departments).
  • Uses Canrock TM1 Toolkit™ that accelerates implementation and simplifies administration. Developed by experienced professionals, Toolkit includes TM1 best practices.
  • Low cost of total ownership and high return on investment.

More Information

For case studies on our actual healthcare implementations please follow the links below
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“How To Address Today’s Critical Healthcare Financial Challenges Through Analytics”
Joint Presentation by Quinte Healthcare Corporation and Canrock

To request an electronic brochure or to arrange a demonstration of our Healthcare Solution, please email us at info@canrocksolutions.com

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